English for Tourism

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Winter Semester

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Students are introduced to the terminology used in the field of Tourism Management and familiarize themselves with the language used in authentic texts about Tourism Management and related topics as well as with the presentation of scientific papers.

Upon completion of the course students will be able to:

  • read and comprehend textbooks and research articles.
  • be able to attend oral presentations and participate in subsequent discussions.
  • write short summaries of material they have read.
  • locate resources for further information in the field of their interest.
  • present short papers
  • communicate with colleagues



Evaluation of the acquired knowledge is based on the final written exam which takes place during the examination periods, as well as on optional assignments given during the course.



Course materials include authentic texts on Tourism Management and articles from scientific journals. Course Content includes:

  • Τrends in Tourism
  • Benefits from travelling
  • Types of holiday
  • Responsible Tourism
  • Slow Tourism versus Mass Tourism
  • Mountain Tourism in Greece
  • Food Consumption during vacation
  • New York Cafés
  • Religious Tourism
  • World Tourism Organization
  • Day tours
  • Information about some islands
  • Different Generations in the Western world
  • Responding in an interview
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Vegetarianism
  • Food for thought
  • To tip or not to tip
  • Vocabulary of foods and beverages
  • Writing a research paper



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  • A selection of topics from the LCCI Spoken English for Tourism Syllabus (at the professor’s discretion)
  • Selected material from textbooks, newspaper articles, journals, brochures, advertisements,  tourist information leaflets (at the professor’s discretion)
  • Terzoglou, E. Reviewing English Grammar