Purpose and Objectives of the Department
The purpose of the Tourism Management Department is:
• to provide students with high quality studies in all areas of Tourism Sciences,
• to provide a high level of knowledge and skills in the formed policies and strategies of Tourism Organisations, Agencies and Businesses, at national and international level.
The Objectives of the Department are:
• to meet the needs of Greek Tourism, by creating executives of higher education who deal with tourism development and policy at international, national, regional and local level,
• to prepare students to take up senior management positions in tourism businesses and organizations.
Career Prospects
Students do Internships in large tourism companies/enterprises and can work in:
• Tourist accommodations of all types,
• Travel agencies, conference organization companies, car rental companies,
• Airlines, cruise/ferry companies, shipping agencies and cruise ships,
• Facilities of special forms of tourism and special tourist infrastructure, such as airports, convention centres, multipurpose halls, golf courses, tourist ports and marinas, ski resorts, mountain refuges, theme parks, tourist organizations, etc.
Internationalization Strategy
The Department provides the possibility, through the Erasmus+ Program, to undergraduate and postgraduate students, to go for studies or do internships to partner European Universities or social services and organizations of other European countries, with the aim of gaining experience, conducting high-quality research and exchanging modern practices and innovative actions in the field of tourism.