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In the current dynamic, and often turbulent, business environment, it is becoming ever more challenging for destinations and tourism-based enterprises to actively manage and maintain their competitive advantage. Adding to this unpredictability, the Internet has reshaped the traditional models of distribution and all of the relationships within the value chain and, ultimately, redefined how goods and services are distributed to customers within the Tourism Industry.

This module provides the student with a comprehensive understanding of the evolution of the traditional models of distribution within the tourism industry right through to the new e-Tourism business models which have emerged in recent times and discusses the implications of these changes on how tourism professionals will distribute their product(s) effectively.The manner in which Tourism Providers bring their product to market is going through a major transformation with new e-Tourism business models poised to alter or destroy the traditional methods of distribution.

The decision as to which channel(s) to choose has always been a difficult one. However, the constant influx of new channels into the electronic distribution arena have made this an even more complex, yet vital, undertaking that involves an understanding of a variety of online channels, business models, marketing approaches and sales techniques.