Event Management

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Winter Semester

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This is a key introductory course in coordinating and carrying out Events.
The aim of this course is to provide students with the necessary knowledge in order to create executives able to apply knowledge and practices on the contemporary organization, overall management, coordination and crisis management of conferences and other types of events.
Upon successful completion of the course students will be able to:

  • Distinguish all types of Events
  • Recognize and analyze the structure of the market of professional events (MICE tourism)
  • Recognize and analyze the structure of the conference market
  • Manage the components of a conference event
  • Recognize methods of conferencing
  • Perform all necessary actions at all stages of organizing a conference
  • Managecontemporary conference programs (congress and e-congress)
  • Select the most appropriate formats for viewing and promoting a conference
  • Manage effectively the crises that may occur before or during an event (crisis management),
  • Organize contemporary ecological conferences



The course is organized around topics such as:

  • Theoretical approach of the concepts of events, business events and MICE tourism
  • The impacts of MICE tourism and in particular conference tourism on the destination.
  • Statistics and the position of Greece in the global conference map.
  • Types and characteristics of corporate meetings and business trips, incentive trips, exhibitions and conferences.
  • Analysis of the professional events market with an emphasis to the market of conference and exhibition tourism.
  • The organizational process of motivation and exhibition tourism.
  • The process of taking over an international conference event (Bidding) and the role of the Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).
  • The marketing of the conference event, funding sources and sponsors.
  • The full process of organizing, conducting and reporting a scientific conference: Evaluation and selection of professional conference organizer (PCO) of the organizing body, the organizational structure of the PCO, services provided by PCO and their collaboration contract.
  • The conference organizer’s collaboration with hotels: the hotel selection process, the negotiation policy, the awarding of the event and the cooperation contract. Conduct and review of the conference.
  • Collaboration of the conference organizer with transportation and transfer companies
  • Collaboration of the conference organizer with conference halls and venues.
  • Modern Technological Equipment and technical specifications of facilities and equipment. The collaboration with the technical support companies
  • The organizational process of the conference in stages and a timetable of actions.
  • Managing the scientific part of the conference: Communicating with delegates, guest speakers-coordinators-chairmen of round tables.
  • Actions during the conference.
  • Crisis Management. Actions before and after the end of the conference.
  • Organization of Ecological Conferences and Events – Green Meetings & Events