Hotel Rooms Division Management

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Winter Semester

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Τhe hotel business sector affects countries from an economic and social point of view. Since the basic factors of the tourist product are transportation, accommodation and food, hotels are a factor element of a country’s tourism infrastructure. The existence of hotels is therefore very important for the tourism development of a country, which (development) is quantitatively dependent on the number of total hotel rooms (capacity), on the category of hotels and on the quality of their products.

RoomsDivision or RD is the big sector, which includes the Front Office Department, Housekeeping, Maintenance and Security department. Rooms Division, combined with the Food and Beverage department, cover almost the whole hotel product.

After completing the course the students will be able to apply hospitality specific frontline and management skills within the Rooms Division. The course introduces university students to the hospitality industry and proceeds to cover the management of the Front Office and Housekeeping departments in combination with facilities.
Specifically, university students after the course will be able to:

  • Know the tasks of the Front Office employees
  • Recognize differences between room types
  • Manage contracts
  • Fully understand the special features of OTAs and ADS (Alternate Distribution Systems)
  • Recognize the types of room reservations
  • Manage extranets
  • Apply room management techniques
  • Allocate rooms and handle the reservation plan
  • Handle overbooking
  • Apply methods to deal with difficult guests and to solve problems
  • Serve VIPs guests
  • Know Housekeeping department skills



  • Rooms Division organizational chart.
  • Front Office Department.
  • Room Types.
  • Selling Strategy – Occupancy increase
  • Check in and Check out procedures
  • Keycards (smart cards) – Safety
  • Reservations Department.
  • Contracts. Allotment, Commitment, Guarantee etc.
  • OTAs (On line Travel Agents) and Room Reservations
  • Overbooking handling.
  • Night Audit/ customers account handling.
  • Guest Relations Department.
  • PBX (Telephone Operator)
  • Housekeeping Department
  • Statistics
  • Hospitality skills, customers problems solving.